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Your intelligent partner

Robby, our delivery robot, is specially designed to meet the unique needs of the medical and nursing home sectors. Robby comes equipped with refrigerated and heated compartments, as well as an integrated marketing display screen. It offers significant advantages that improve the quality of care and optimize operations. Robby guarantees the safety and quality of meals and medication distribution, thanks to its refrigerated and heated compartments.


Robby improves communication with patients thanks to its user-friendly interface. It can display custom messages, medication reminders and even provide meal information. This enhances patient engagement and promotes clear, effective communication. It also simplifies medication tracking by recording all the necessary information, such as schedules, dosages and drug interactions.

Robby has an advanced navigation system that allows it to move autonomously around medical facilities and nursing homes. It can avoid obstacles and respect safety rules for flawless delivery. It plays an essential role in improving healthcare and optimizing operations, making it an invaluable partner for facilities committed to providing a positive experience for patients and residents.

Robot Robby dans un hôpital avec des patients

Robby helps improve healthcare by ensuring safe, high-quality deliveries, simplifying medication tracking and facilitating patient communication. It also increases operational efficiency in medical facilities and nursing homes by optimizing delivery operations.

Are you ready to change your approach to delivery in the medical and EHPAD sector? Find out now how Robby can revolutionize your delivery services and contribute to healthcare excellence.