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The Dawn of Excellence in Service Robotics

Revolutionary AI for your business

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A unique design

Ugo® avant-garde design harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality, offering a captivating visual experience and a service robot at the cutting edge of innovation.

High quality

Ugo® superior quality is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process and rigorous standards, guaranteeing a reliable, high-performance, long-lasting service robot.

Always up to date

Ugo® continuous development reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, constantly bringing new features and improvements.


Ugo® is more than just a robot, it’s a complete solution that brings efficiency, productivity and innovation to your business, solving your operational challenges and opening up new prospects for growth.

The advantages of a Service Robot

There are many advantages to adding a service robot to your business. Their versatility, efficiency and ability to meet the challenges of the professional world add considerable value to your business.

First, they automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, optimizing your operations and freeing up your staff for more rewarding tasks. Service robots can perform a wide range of tasks, including order processing, goods distribution, customer care and even surveillance and security.

Furthermore, service robots feature advanced capabilities that guarantee precise, consistent execution of assigned tasks. Their artificial intelligence allows them to adapt to different scenarios and learn new skills, offering remarkable flexibility. They can also interact naturally with customers, creating a unique and memorable experience.

When you choose a service robot, you also benefit from long-term cost savings. These machines are designed to be durable, reliable and low-maintenance. As a result, they help reduce labor-related expenses, human error and work interruptions, while increasing your company’s overall efficiency.


Outstanding performance


Optimize your business processes


Adapts to multiple tasks

Stand out from the competition and attract customers

Strengthen your brand image and stand out from the competition. Customers are increasingly attracted to innovative companies that invest in new technologies to improve their services. This makes a service robot a real asset for attracting and retaining demanding customers.

Increase your productivity and exceed your expectations with AI Robotics

Adding a service robot to your business is a great opportunity to boost productivity, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Rely on AI Robotics, the leader in service robotics, to support you in this technological revolution and push your business to new horizons.