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Your intelligent partner

Ugo, our intelligent service robot, is specially designed to meet the needs of the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors. Ugo offers establishments many benefits that enhance the customer experience, increase sales, optimize operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Robots Ugo dans un restaurent pour servir des clients

Ugo delivers an exceptional customer experience through fast, accurate and customized service. Ugo excels in every area, whether taking orders, serving food or interacting with customers. It creates memorable experiences that build customer loyalty. By offering fast, efficient service, Ugo will boost your sales. Its innovative design attracts the customers' attention, resulting in increased orders and revenues.

Ugo optimizes restaurant operations by automating tasks such as order taking and food delivery. This allows staff to concentrate on higher value-added tasks and improving overall efficiency. Ugo allows establishments to reduce labor costs by optimizing human resources management. Ugo can take over some tasks done by staff before, which allows resources to be reallocated more efficiently.

Deux Robots Ugo dans un couloir de chambre d'hôtel pour servir des clients
Personne qui sonne dans un Hôtel

Ugo allows establishments to create memorable experiences for their customers. Whether it's a special event, customized service or playful interaction, Ugo delivers unique moments that will stay in the customers' memories. Ugo's much more than just a service robot. He represents intelligent service excellence in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, Ugo allows establishments to stand out, to optimize their performance and create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Are you ready to revolutionize your establishment with Ugo? Find out now how our intelligent service robot can take your business to the next level and set you apart from the competition.